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Why does everyone think matcha is the healthiest tea in the world

And is that true?

Почему все думают, что матча – самый полезный чай в мире

... Buy a bag of this strange green powder at the price of a wing of a plane. In addition to it, choose an even stranger bamboo whisk, and a special measuring spoon. Make a separate porcelain bowl (you cannot pour anything else into it!). Do not forget that you need clean, tasty water ... Then carefully beat the powder in this water, warmed to 80 degrees. All in order to just have a cup of matcha.

Does matcha really have so many benefits? Is it worth all those efforts and expenses?

The short answer is yes.

Почему все думают, что матча – самый полезный чай в мире

Benefits of the matcha

The bright green powder of matcha differs from all other teas by one main feature - this tea is made from leaves that "ripen" in the shade.

Green tea leaves are covered with dark, dense nets a few weeks before harvest. These leaves grow much slower and, unlike ordinary ones, absorb the maximum amount of amino acids. At the time of collection, they represent the living "warehouses" of theanine and catechin, which are responsible for the useful properties of the matcha.

Theanine is considered to be a strong, but at the same time, gentle natural antidepressant and sedative. Catechin is a powerful antioxidant that works to rejuvenate our body. Epigallocatechin gallate, contained in matcha, reduces sugar levels and works as an antibiotic.

Почему все думают, что матча – самый полезный чай в мире

An essential proven useful property of epigallocatechin gallate is the fight against the formation of cancer cells. In particular, the matcha may become an additional shield against the skin and breast cancer. It also significantly improves brain function. According to scientific research, Japanese people who drink more than 2 cups of tea have 50% fewer memory problems than those who do not. Nevertheless, it will not be amiss to remind that the magical properties of the match have several contraindications. For example, it provokes iron deficiency in pregnant women.

How to minimize the possible harm of matcha:

  • drink matcha at least 4-6 hours before bedtime;
  • do not drink matcha brewed a few hours ago;
  • do not exceed the amount of powder indicated in the recipe (below).

Which matcha to choose

The most beneficial are leaves, which at the time of the harvest were the youngest and most tender. These leaves go to the most expensive varieties of matcha, said the expert on green tea Sergei Safonov:

"The higher the quality of the leaf - the higher the price and the tangible benefits of the drink. Prices for real matcha start at 900 rubles per 100g and reach about 6,000 per 100g."

The difference between the ordinary "culinary" matcha and the elite ceremonial variety is easily defined in the taste of the drink. The expensive matcha does not have a bitter taste. It is very sweet and soft in taste. Besides, it has a finer structure, more reminiscent of talc, while cheap varieties of matcha in appearance are more likely to look like sand.

Today, matcha is grown in several countries. Japan is considered a confident leader, though. It is frayed Japanese leaves that are appreciated by experts and gourmets above all. However, beginners are unlikely to notice the difference and can safely buy matcha from Korea or China.

Почему все думают, что матча – самый полезный чай в мире

But back to our cup ... To prepare weak matcha, we need only 2 grams of powder and 70 ml of water. For a strong drink, you need 4 grams of tea and 50 ml of water. Well, a whisk and a bowl ... you have them only once!

Have you already said "yes" to one of the most beneficial teas in the world? How do you feel about this tasty drink?

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