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Eight benefits of regular black tea

And five situations when it is better than green

The concept of a healthy diet has made green tea the absolute leader among healthy drinks. Now everyone knows that he does wonders, but what about ordinary black tea? The one that we know from childhood and which, despite everything, remains the favorite for a vast number of other people around the world. Let's once and for all nail the basics about the benefits of black tea.



Black tea is made from the same raw materials as green - that is, from leaves of Chinese camellia (Camellia sinensis). The only difference is in the processing: green has advantages due to minimal fermentation. However, many beneficial substances contained in these leaves do not disappear anywhere, even if they were made significantly fermented for black tea. Besides, although the fermentation process loses black tea of some vitamins and amino acids, it enriches tea with other useful substances - theaflavins and thearubigins.

Theaflavins give black tea a pleasant, clean, refreshing, and lively taste, increase the strength and intensity of the aroma. Thearubigins make the drink saturated, give it a rich, long-lasting flavor with a strong tonic effect and astringent.



Why black tea is good

Making hard choices in the store (and for love leaning toward black tea, and following recommendations - towards green tea), you should always remember the benefits of black tea. Eight crucial properties that make it essential in any kitchen:

  • strengthening immunity (thanks to antioxidants)
  • cancer prevention (thanks to polyphenols)
  • lowering "bad" cholesterol
  • prevention of cardiovascular disease (thanks to flavanoids)
  • stroke prevention
  • normal digestion (thanks to thearubigins)
  • lowering blood sugar (obviously, if you drink tea WITHOUT sugar!)
  • increasing concentration (thanks to L-theanine and caffeine)


Sometimes black tea even has advantages over green tea!

Despite all benefits of green tea, in some situations, it is better to drink a black one. You can boldly brew it when:

It is necessary to normalize the body pressure for a long time
A unique property of black tea is the regulation of vascular tone. This means that hypertension can drink it in reasonable amounts. It will normalize body pressure. Even more, it does it not for a short time, like green, but for a long time - usually for several hours. Green tea affects differently: it firstly increases the pressure, and then it can fall even more.

You need help digestion
Black tea perfectly reduces the feeling of nausea and actively works to create beneficial microflora in the intestines. Remember, in childhood, when poisoned, we were given strong black tea? Well, that's it.

You do not want long-brewing rituals
Everyone knows that green tea requires a thoughtful brewing process: it cannot be poured with boiling water; it must be put in preheated dishes; it must not be left in the teapot (pouring immediately after brewing). In general, definite rules and restrictions. Black tea in this regard is a real "simpleton" - it is poured with boiling water and left for a few minutes. Then drink for your pleasure.

You want to drink tea of a beautiful color
Not only the beneficial properties of tea are important to everyone - for some, the color of the drink also matters. Here, green tea is inferior to black, which has a bright color. All thanks to thearubigins contained in it - polyphenols, which formed during the fermentation of black tea.

No time to look for trusted suppliers
Everyone knows that good green tea does not fall out of the sky. You need to look for green tea, give it a try and choose with care. With a black one, everything is more straightforward: almost any black tea has all the beneficial natural properties.



We asked our expert, tea-tester, Ilya Goncharov, which black tea is especially useful and whether brands from the mass market should beware. Here is what he told us:

"The benefits of black tea are almost the same - whether it's a mass-market or a boutique level. There may be more antioxidants in some exclusive varieties, but the difference is negligible. The main difference is the variety and expressiveness of the aroma."

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